Super Natural Aloe Vera

In most skincare products the base of the main ingredient is purified water, at el8te we believe in better!

el8te has replaced all our products with super smart Aloe Vera leaf juice as our base due to its extra moisturising capabilities, amazing healing properties allowing all our other great ingredients to work more effectively to deliver optimum healthy results.

Aloe works differently to purified water as it delivers higher, much-needed hydration and acts as a natural barrier that shields the skin from environmental irritants. As an antibacterial substance, it offers relief from the redness associated with fragile skins and helps to soothe breakouts.

Aloe Vera is particularly helpful to use on sensitive or dry skin providing multi-beneficial vitamins, minerals, enzymes and natural soothing benefits.  Aloe assists to reduce inflammation, cools the skin and has the ability to act as an incredible anti-aging and skin regeneration ingredient. It’s a wonderful natural scientific wonder that’s been used for thousands of years!