The Nature of el8te

The nature of el8te is to offer a healthier option to your everyday skincare routine – no nasties only natural benefits in some of the most used day-to-day cosmetic products.  Most people can use up to 10 cosmetic products a day! that could be 10 products full of toxic chemicals with no or little benefit.

The nature of el8te. 50 essential vitamins and nutrients.

el8te products are made up of effective professionally formulated botanical ingredients, we don’t proclaim to have any latest greatest man-made miracle or a rare secret ingredient found in a lost nomadic tribe.  We use natural skincare wonder ingredients that delivering over 50 essential vitamins and nutrients.

Our incredible ingredients are our el8te essentials… they are the foundation to our skincare formulations because they are PERFECT, PROVEN and PERFORMING.


Termed super natural and smart because they have a natural bio-compatibility to work perfectly with our skins and deliver optimum healthy skin needs.

Using el8te everyday delivers essential daily doses of vitamin A, C, B5, E & Folic Acid and over 26 essential Amino-Acids which are all anti-ageing, nourishing, hydrating, regenerating & repairing.