• Activated charcoal is a proven ingredient that has many health and beauty benefits.
  • el8te uses Medical grade activated charcoal.
  • Designed to purify skin and hair the impurities and toxins are drawn out and stick to the activated charcoal.
  • Soothes, repairs and speeds up healing and relieves the symptoms of irritated skins.
  • Potent & natural, safe and effective.
  • An anti-aging ingredient, tighten pores, smooth the skin and helps remove surface free radical damage.
  • An anti-inflammatory, which is significant in preventing premature ageing and aids in skin repair.
  • Its main property is its function of super absorbency and antibacterial properties, the ideal ingredient for any skin type including skin types prone to oiliness or acne.
  • Draws out impurities, heals pimples, deep cleaning and prevents further breakouts.

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