About el8te Australia

Our Brand

“We believe in building something sustainable and ethical, which leads people to connect with el8te's natural skincare branding and benefits which differentiates us from generic beauty brands”.

The  brand was designed not just to be another everyday skin care product, or another natural skincare product.

el8te natural skincare had to be more than a functional beauty product, it had to be functional and purposeful. It was created with the focus to grow as an effective and social product that is beneficial to people and to the environment.



The brand reflects and inspires a wholesome lifestyle where conscious health and beauty decisions are made easier. It’s about better quality and better choices.

el8te products are developed with our unique concept of smart super natural ingredients, utilising the benefits of aloe vera juice as our base rather than purified water with the benefits of pure Australian goat’s milk, activated charcoal, wild rose, rosemary, citrus, chamomile, lavender & other botanical ingredients.

We are an everyday effective skincare and lifestyle product that can be used by the whole family including babies.

el8te is and always will be free from artificial colours, fragrances, parabens and other harsh chemicals, formulated without animal testing and sourced ethically, kind to consumers and the environment.


Our Story

From humble beginnings in 1982, three friends grew a wholesale and import business model that became an Australian success story.

el8te skincare is the latest incarnation of our vision, capturing the ethical, mindful way we like to do business. It represents a distinctively Australian approach to beauty – one that’s young at heart and perfectly in tune with nature. Our products are about better quality and better choices.

In creating our premium skin and body care range we’ve harnessed the power of Australia’s rich, pristine landscape to create natural and nourishing products that are gentle and safe for you, your family and baby.

We believe Australia’s rich soil, clean water and nourishing sunshine creates the purest ingredients in the world. Our range harnesses the natural benefits of these ingredients delivering over 50 essential vitamins and nutrients, providing solutions and the best everyday skin care.

Indulge and nurture your skin the el8te way – Pure. Natural. Australian.